Pureosoul is an Induct UV-C Disinfection system that sanitises the air with UV-C light. CSIR-CSIO, under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, and TICEON-HSE collaborated to develop this cutting-edge technology. TICEON-HSE, the parent company, is a licenced Business Services establishment that specialises in Health, Safety, and Environmental issues. It is one of India's premiers UV Light Disinfection System manufacturers, having been chosen by the CSIR-CSIO.

Pureosoul disinfects the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) ducts so that clean air circulates in a room. Whereas Pureosoul free standing is designed for Air conditioned/Poorly ventilated rooms of various sizes i.e. from 200 sq.ft to 300 sq.ft.

This helps in the continuous sanitising of workplaces and places like retail shopping areas that have a lot of footfalls. By just switching on the UV system, along with air conditioning, it is possible to get rid of airborne viruses, bacteria and fungi. The technology uses UV-C radiation, which is known for its disinfectant properties, to deactivate viruses. Existing HVAC ducts have to be only retrofitted with UV lights rather than bringing in any new equipment.

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Pureosoul is an energy-efficient system that enhances indoor air quality while requiring less maintenance and is easy to retrofit with any existing system having air ducts. It is a modular product, which enables easy transportation. The initial setup cost is also low. Installation of Pureosoul may boost people’s confidence and facilitate their return to workplaces, public transport and educational institutions. It also has an inbuilt fire & smoke detection to prevent hazards.

PUREOSOUL standalone systems are designed for poorly ventilated or air-conditioned areas upto 300 sq. feet. They are specifically made for performing dual functions such as air filtration as well as for deactivating various pathogens include a virus, bacteria, fungi, etc.

Pureosoul meets all National and International safety standards that are followed by developed countries, without compromising on safety, including apt material selection and follows CSIR site acceptance test procedures. It has also received CE Mark certification from the European Union.

  • Kills 99% of airborne viruses & bacterias
  • Modular & easy to transport
  • Less maintenance & cost
  • Inbuilt fire & smoke detector
Health, Safety, and Environmental Services.
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Stand Alone

Easy to Mount, Portable low-cost air disinfector which could prove ideal for , such as Hospitals, Hotel rooms, Class rooms, living rooms, Home theaters, Labs especially in COVID-19 Scenario.The system disinfect the aerosols, the fine particles suspended in air and increase the air quality index.

Both pureosoul mini and Abode includes combination in filters and germicidal UVC radiation for supplying clean air to the room.

In Duct

Our PUREOSOUL INDUCT UV C Disinfection system is a customised product and it is designed to install in the existing HVAC ducts, based on the tonnage, duct size and airflow of the system. With the installation of this system, we can ensure that the air circulated is 99.9% disinfected from all kinds of Virus, Bacteria and fungus.

This can be installed with minimum intervention and is 100% safe.

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